Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Don't Preorder From Best Buy

This is a warning for anyone considering ordering, or in my case preordering, anything from BestBuy.com for in store delivery. The follow situation has happened to me twice in the past year when using BestBuy.com in store delivery. The most recent happened today and involves a video game called Dark Souls. If you preordered Dark Souls you were supposed to receive the Collector's Edition (pictured above). I wanted the Collectors Edition so I preorderd over a month ago. The game came out today so I headed over to the local Best Buy after work. The game they gave me was the regular edition. I questioned them about it, and they informed me they only received one copy of the Collectors Edition (my copy) and had sold it early today. I was told the collectors edition had been under ordered, and they had several people coming in looking for it today. I doubt any of the people coming in asking for it had actually preordered it. Of coarse when I called their customer care line to lodge my complaint, I was informed that when you order something online for in store pick up it arrives at the store clearly marked with your name on it and is to be held for you. Odds are an employee saw it and bought it for his or herself thinking no one would notice if they just put the regular version of the game behind the pick up counter.

Preorder receipt from BestBuy.com

And as I said this is not the first time this has happened. I pre-ordered Valkyria Chronicles 2 last year for in store pickup. Guess what. When I arrived to pick up the game it was no where to be found. They said they only received a single copy of the game (again my copy), and that it must of got put on the shelf and sold. So a word of advice, do not use Best Buy's in store pick up. Save yourself some hassle and pay the extra money to have it shipped to your house. Or better yet, buy it some place else. Now the only way I can get the Collectors Edition Dark Souls it to pay a hundred dollars or more on Ebay.


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