Monday, October 17, 2011

Oreimo Complete Series

 I got my preorder of ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute), or Oreimo for short in from Right Stuf this weekend. Oreimo is a fun series about a brother (Kyousuke) and sister (Kirino) that don't get along to well. Kirino is a straight A student, the popular girl at school, and also works part time as a model. But she secretly hides the fact that she's actually an otaku who likes anime, collecting figures, and playing eroge (erotic video games). When Kyousuke accidentally finds out about her hobby and becomes the only person she can talk to about it. Over the coarse of the series he helps her find friends who share her interests as well as coping with her parents and best friend finding out.  The episodes are English subtitled, but I highly recommend this series if you haven't seen it yet.

More pictures after the jump......
The complete series comes with an art book, a double sides poster, 16 postcards and box to keep them in.

Poster Side A Kuroneko and Kirino

Poster Side B Kirino and Kyousuke

And here are the 16 post cards that come with the set. Now if only the manga would get a English release. Anyone else a fan of this series?


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