Monday, September 26, 2011

Live Action Ranma 1/2

Japan's NTV network will be airing a 2 hour long live action adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2 this December. The special will feature Kento Kaku (Paradise Kiss, Gokusen) as Male Ranma Saotome, and Natsuna (Gantz) as Female Ranma Saotome.

And here's a brief synopsis of the story for those of you who might now know what I mean by Male and Female Ranma Saotome. During martial arts training in China, Ranma fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl. The spring was cursed so that who ever fell into it would take on the appearance of a girl when splashed with cold water. Hot water reverses the effect. This leads to several hilarious situations between Ranma and his friends and causes him to be the center of affection for several characters in the series, both male and female.

I hope the show is good. And if it is that someone licenses it for US release.

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