Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Manga, Anime, and Games

Ordered some manga and anime from Rightstuf which came in the other day. They had all 3 volumes of the Comic Party anthology manga for $4.00 each. I enjoyed watching the anime, and am looking forward to reading these.

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I also ordered volume 8 of Genshiken, which was the only volume I was missing. This is an amazing series and I highly recommend reading it. Lucky Star volume 3 I picked up from Books-a-Million.

Love Hina, an awesome series by Ken Akamatsu, and He is My Master were both on sale for $20.00 at Rightstuf just before Christmas. I haven't watched He is My Master, but flipped through the first volume of the manga at Books-a-Million before and it looked like a good series.

Bought a couple new games from Best Buy last week as well. They had Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360) for 39.99, and Madworld (Wii) for 9.99. I've only played the first level of Madworld, and it's a pretty good game. It's also one of the few hardcore games for the Wii. It's regular price is down to 19.99, so if you have been looking for a good hardcore game check it out. It is a bloody game though as the plot centers on this group taking over a city and broadcasting people killing each other for points.


ziroc said...

The Comic Party Manga is great, you should check out the Tokyopop Comic Party Series too if you havn't alrady. It was more of an adaption of the Anime, but really cool. Genshiken is my all time favorite manga. I read it about once every month.

ziroc said...

Just finished reading Lucky Star, and will be reading Comic Party next.


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