Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Loot

Got quite a bit of stuff for Christmas this year. It mainly consisted of manga, dvd's and games. A friend of mine got me this Vizbig edition of Rurouni Kenshin volume 1. I've seen the anime, but haven't gotten around to reading the manga. Guess now's a good a time as any. Thanks Sturm.

One of my Aunt's got me these next 4 manga. xxxHolic, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I've watched the first 2 volumes of the Tsubasa anime, but haven't gotten around to finishing it. Looking forward to reading both these series.

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Rosario+Vampire, and Fruits Basket are two series I'm currently reading. Just finished Fruits Basket volume 7 today and wish I got paid tomorrow instead of Thursday so I could get out to the book store to get volume 8. I really enjoyed the last half of the volume about Uotani's past.

For DVD's I got Bleach season 2, and Fraggle Rock Season 4. I'm really glad they finally decided to release vol. 4 of Fraggle Rock by itself. It really pissed me off when they announced it was originally only going to be released as part of a complete set package. Kind of disappointed they didn't keep the same style packaging and bonus stuff like they had for the first 3 seasons.

More DVD's were Family Guy Blue Harvest and Something Something Something Darkside two pack, and Smallville season 3. I really liked Blue Harvest and going to watch Something Something Something Darkside tomorrow. The plan on making a Return of the Jedi parody as well, I Have A Bad Feeling About This.

The last DVD I got was Santa Claus the Movie.

I got Gears of War, and Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City. Episodes From Liberty City contains the two DLC packs for GTA4, The Lost and The Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. And unlike the downloaded versions you don't need the original GTA4 game to play them.

And have you ever seen a Rice Krispy treat this big? This thing weighs 2 pounds. And surprisingly it only cost 3 bucks.

How was everyone else's Christmas? Hope you all had good one.


ziroc said...

Lots of goodies. I would love to have a Rice Krispies this big!!

Happy New Years!

ziroc said...

Happy New Year!


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