Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Room

My Room
This are some pics of my room I took for a contest Danny Choo was having. This wall of my room used to be wall papered with Star Wars figures, which is why there are little dots lined up near the ceiling. Those are thumb tacks I haven't gotten around to taking down yet. I had to box the figures up to make room for my bookshelves, and desk. I did leave a few up though.

My Room
My Room
When I worked at K-mart I used to collect the movie buttons they gave to employees to advertise new releases. The ones on that board above my bed are just a few of my collection. I also was able to get some really great displays like a life sized cutout of Mace Windu and Queen Amadala that Pepsi put up to advertise their Star Wars Episode 1 cans. I also have life sized vinyl banner of Jango Fett advertising Attack of the Clones. I have a few other banners advertising a Zelda game and Jurassic Park 3. If I get a chance I'll try and take some pics of these.

My Room
Last bit of my room. Shelf containing my Wii, Xbox 360 (Gamertag Ziroc Stormkiler), and PS3 (PSN Ziroc). No idea what my Wii friend code is, but if anyone's interested in exchanging friend codes I can look it up. Most of my games are on that top shelf, some are on the small bookshelf by more door in one of the pics above.

Well that's pretty much it for my room. The other wall only has some storage boxes stacked along it right now. Feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any questions about what something is. I'm looking forward to your comments.



phossil said...

Lol. You have an amazing bedroom.
Is that a Chii's wallscroll in the back of your door??

ziroc said...

Yeah, got it for 3.00 when Suncoast Video closed down here.

Hao said...

I'm not a figurine collector myself but love to see them and you've got tons of them ^^

Though I'm a bit of a manga collector as you are =D unfortunately I can't see which titles you own!

ziroc said...

These are the manga I own

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1-17 (Complete)
Azu Manga Daioh: Omnibus edition
Chibi Vampire (Karin) Vol 1-13
Chibi Vampire (Karin): The Novel Vol 1-5
Chobits Vol 1-2
Chrono Crusade Vol 3-4
Dojin Work Vol 1
.hack//Another Birth Vol 1-4 (Complete)
Fall in Love Like a Comic Vol 1
Fruits Basket Vol 1-2
Genshiken Vol 1-7, 9
Higurashi: When They Cry vol 1-2
I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara Vol 1
Kashimashi Vol 1-5 (Complete)
Kingdom Hearts Vol 1
Kujibiki Unblanace Vol 1
Legends of the Dark Crystal Vol 1
Love Hina Vol 1-14 (Complete)
Love Hina the Novel Vol 2
Megatokyo vol 1-5
The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol 1-2
Negima! Vol 1-21
Negima!? Neo Vol 1
Ranma 1/2 Vol 1-8
Return to Labyrinth Vol 1-2
To Heart Vol 1-3 (complete)
Trigun Vol 1

and a couple years worth of Shojo Beat, and a few issues of Comic AG.

Hao said...

Wow, much more than me :( I do have other more "classical" (read: old XD) series like Sakura, Kenshin, Dragon Ball, etc.

Currently reading Love Hina (vol. 2), I loved the anime and enjoying every page of the manga!

(PD: Added to my Delicious Feeds, thanks for the link back ^^)

ziroc said...

Ken Akamatsu is a great mangaka. Both Love Hina and Negima! are awesome comics. You'll love the manga version of Love Hina if you enjoyed the anime. I just hate that he seems to love giving us big cliffhangers in Negima! then taking one or two weeks off to "gather data". But I guess everyone needs a break every now and then. heh


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