Friday, April 24, 2009

Kyoto Japanese Sushi Bar

Went to Kyoto Japanese Sushi Bar here in my home town for the first time today. I ordered Gyoza (fried), Spring Sushi (California Roll, 7 pieces of sushi-chef's choice), Eel Nigri, and Jalapeno Cream Duck. The waitress I had was very helpful with selecting something from their menu. The fried Gyoza was very good and came with a ginger dipping sauce. The duck was also very good, but the cream sauce begins to wear on you abougt halfway through the plate. I had to scrap some of it off of the last few bites. The sushi, however, was horrible. The fish was very mushy and bland. Even their soy sauce was bland, and I had to drench the rice in it to help flavor the sushi. The only good pieces were the fried egg, crab stick, and eel sushi.

So I've now been to both Sushi bars here in Monroe, LA, and have had opposite results at both. Kyoto, while having horrible sushi had a pretty decent entree. I've been to Samurai, the other sushi bar, twice, and their sushi was fantastic, while the entrees I tried were a bit lacking. At Samurai I've had their Red Curry which wasn't that great, and Soft Shell Crab which had a sauce that overpowered everything else on the plate. So my suggestion to anyone living in this area is if you want good sushi go to Samurai, but if your looking for a good entree then Kyoto might be the better choice.

Image from Internet Siao



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