Thursday, September 01, 2011

Disgaea 4 Premium Edition

My Disgaea 4 Premium Edition came in the mail yesterday from the NIS America Store. It comes with the Limited Edition version of the game,  and the "Complete" 9 figure Disgaea 4 figure set. I say "Complete", but more on that later.

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The limited edition of the game includes a Fuka figure, and art book. The artbook has art for the main characters, the various unit classes, and monsters. It also contains some comments from the voice actors for the each of the main characters. I like the background for Fuka. She was supposed to be a Prinny, but they ran out of Prinny skin. All she got was a Prinny hat. She's also convinced she isn't dead and this is all a dream.

The figures come packaged like Trading Figures. But the website advertised as "Complete Disgaea 4 Nine Figure Set ($72 value)" That makes one assume you will receive all 9 unique figures. Add in the Fuka figure that comes with the limited edition of the game and there should be 10 unique figures.

If you look you may notice there are only 9 figures pictured above. That's because my set is missing the Fallen Angel Flonne figure. Instead I got an extra Final Boss Nominee Desco (figure in top right next to the Prinny, and behind Archangel Flonne). I've not seen anyone else mention this problem, and the few other blogs and Youtube unboxing videos I've found showing off the Premium set have all had the complete figure set. 

Because of this I am assuming my receiving 2 Desco figures is a mistake, and have emailed NIS America. And before anyone says, "But, the package says Trading Figures, so they are probably randomly inserted." That is not what was advertised. What was advertised is a complete set of 9 figures. Not 9 randomly inserted figures. Plus so far I seem to be the only one in this situation. Anyone else not get the complete set? 

Other than the missing figure the set is very nice. The figures and bases are magnetized so the figures mostly stay standing. Prinny due to his size and tiny legs does tend to fall over if the base is bumped. Also the individual bases connect together as you see in the picture above. I'll get some individual pics of each figure up soon. And will post when I hear back from NIS America on my missing figure.

UPDATE: I got a reply back from NISA and they said they will mail me the figure I'm missing. Now I just have to wait for it to get here. Thanks NISA for taking care of this.

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