Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remember 11 English Patch Released

An English language patch has been released for Remember 11 from Kid. The patch is available at TLWiki. Remember 11 is the 3rd visual novel in Kid's Infinity series which includes Never 7, Ever 17 and 12 Riven. You can find the game at J-List or Amazon Japan. I've played the English release of Ever 17 from Hirameki and it's an incredible game with a huge twist once you unlock the true ending, so I'm really looking forward to playing Remember 11.

Fuyukawa Kokoro, a third-year sociology major, boards a plane bound for Hokkaido to meet a research subject in the Specified Psychiatric Hospital for Isolation and Aegis, or SPHIA. For unknown reasons, her plane crashes in the mountains in the middle of a snowstorm. Of the 31 passengers, only she, Yuni Kusuda, Seiji Yomogi, and Lin Mayuzumi survive unharmed. Unable to establish communication with the outside world due to the fierce snowstorm, the four decide to take shelter in an empty cabin and wait until the storm passes.

As if the trauma, freezing temperature and debilitating hunger weren't enough, the survivors must deal with something even more frustrating. A newspaper is found in the cottage dated July 4, 2011 - well off in the future. The paper claims that the survivors of the crash, save Yuni, will die in an avalanche in seven days.

Satoru Yukidoh, a graduate student in the field of quantum physics, falls from the SPHIA clock tower. He later awakens with some memory loss and the realization that someone is out to kill him. Unable to leave the SPHIA facility due to a snowstorm, Satoru's only chance at living is to find that person among the three other residents (or perhaps the hidden culprit) of SPHIA.

Both Kokoro and Satoru soon realize that, their "consciousnesses" are experiencing a kind of exchange, in which Kokoro's mind takes control of Satoru's body in SPHIA as Satoru's mind enters Kokoro's body in the mountain cabin.

However, a boy named Yuni Kusuda appears at both locations. How is this possible?


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