Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sheryl Nome 1/8 Figure

The Sheryl Nome figure I ordered from J-list came in. She's part of the Excellent Model Series from Megahouse. The figure was inspired from the image above which is featured on the offical Macross Frontier promtional van.

Sheryl Nome is one of the main characters from Macross Frontier, the most recent chapter of the Macross series. If you haven't seen Macross Frontier I highly recommend it. The original Super Dimensional Fortress Macross served as the first of the 3 anime series that would come to make up the Robotech Saga here in the US.

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Sheryl's base reads "Rise Up!"

Like the Manaka Komaki figure I posted the other day, I did not realize this was a cast off figure until I opened it. Neither the J-list website or the box it came in mentioned it was a cast off. Well I say the box didn't, but it's possible some of the text on the back of the box may have. I don't read Japanese so I can't say for sure.

One problem with the figure is her top is to small to actually get the ends to connect when you have it on. Luckily her hair covers this unless you look real close. Anyone else with this figure have the same problem?

Sheryl comes with two different size bullet accessories. This is the smaller of the two in the picture.

She has hearts over her pupils.

I'd like to get this Ranka Lee from the same figure series. But it comes out in May and not sure if I'll have the money for it since I'm saving for something. And unlike the Sheryl figure, J-list actually points out that she's a cast off figure.


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