Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Heart 2 Manaka Komaki Figure

Purchased this figure of Manaka Komaki from To Heart 2 a few weeks ago from Play-Asia. Did not realize this figure was cast off when I ordered, as Play Asia had no mention of it in the item description or pictures for the figure.

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Walking along with her book bag and a fictional Pocky type snack called Poppo.

A gust of wind gives a quick peak beneath her skirt.

The one complaint on the figure is the gap where you remove the top of her uniform.

Extremely cute with just the skirt on.

Fully cast off.

Cute little stars on her pantsu.

I would love to play the To Heart visual novels. Wish some group would do a translation patch or even Manga Gamer picking it up since they've already done some big name games like Shuffle, Da Capo, and Higurashi.

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ziroc said...

Onee-chan, you have big eyes!! ^^


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