Monday, October 12, 2009

New Dakimakura

Finally got the Ichigo Morino dakimakura I ordered from J-List in. I pre-ordered this back in July just a few days before they sold out. Ichigo is from Please Teacher and Please Twins, and although she was just a secondary character she was one of my favorites. Who was your favorite character from the Please... series?

Since, I don't have a pillow or wall space to display it right now, it will have to stay in the packaging for now.

But for anyone wanting to see what it looks like on both sides here is a stock photo from Toylet.



ziroc said...

customs label it right: handle with care! Lol. ^^

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ziroc said...

Really nice. I've been wanting a Daki, came close to buying that Yami-chan Daki. But never got around to getting one.

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