Friday, February 10, 2012

Cinemark's Star Wars Bait and Switch

Cinemark Theaters advertised limited edition Darth Maul 3D glasses to the "first Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace RealD 3D ticketholders, in line, at the theatre." I attended the midnight showing at my local Cinemark which cost 11.75 and was told they were not giving out the Darth Maul glasses to the midnight showing. They would be giving them out during the second screening when they opened back up later today. That showings ticket cost was only 8.50. So they advertise collectible glasses to the first in line tricking you into purchasing the more expensive ticket, and then give them out to the second group of people to watch the movie who paid less. The guy who took my ticket stub even suggested I come back and watch it again tomorrow to get the glasses if I really wanted them. This is false advertising and borderline fraud, since it was suggested I watch the movie a second time later today to get the glasses.

To anyone who attended a midnight showing and did not receive their Darth Maul glasses. I suggest taking your ticket stub back prior to the next screening today, and demand your glasses. The above advertisement from the Cinemark website says first ticketholders in line. It doesn't mention first ticketholders for X:XX showtime. So just be there first holding your ticket when they open back up. Demand to see the manager if you have to. If you can't make it back up to your theater, then write letters of complaint to Cinemark, and the Offical Star Wars Blog. I couldn't find anything but a mailing address for Lucasfilms.

[UPDATE] I was asked for the name and location of the theater I attended the screening at. The manager of that theater then emailed me and said he will hold a pair of glasses for me at the theater along with 2 free admission tickets.



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