Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri came in today from Amazon.

They basically packaged it by wrapping a piece of cardboard around it.

Which meant they had to crush the box to get it to fit.

At least the game and Classic Controller Pro weren't damaged. So far I've only played up to quest where you get a piece of Iron Ore for the smithy. Only been using the Sword and Shield weapon and liking it so far. Will have to try out some of the other weapons soon to see which suits me best.

I also ordered the Wii Speak to make communicating with fellow hunters easier once I start trying some online quests. Anyone else pick up or plan to pick up Monster Hunter Tri? If so post a message and maybe we can organize a hunt.



ziroc said...

Thats what Amazon always do 0.0 You must have ordered from them before? They only put stuff in boxes when its heavier stuff I've found. They ain't the best at packaging.

And damn, I was gonna say 'haha we got it before you' but in fact its out friday here XD, all the adverts on tv made me think it was out already... self-fail...

ziroc said...

Last thing I ordered from them was Heavy Rain which would of been ok in packaging like this. But if you have to crush the customers merchandise to seal the package then you need to start looking for a better box. The Wii Speak was shipped separately and in an actual box. It wasn't sold by Amazon though just packaged by them. I just hope they don't package my Record of Agarest War in the same manner as this one.

ziroc said...

Im sure That package box had labeled "Fragile" or "handle with care"

ziroc said...

Anyone interested my online name is Ziroc and ID is WUFYHX I have to be online though to receive a message or friend request.


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