Saturday, February 27, 2010

Heavy Rain and Some Manga

Picked up Heavy Rain for the PS3 and some manga this week. Heavy Rain is a really good game. It's classified as an "Interactive Drama" Because while you do control the characters in some instances such as searching areas for clues, the majority of the game is made up of Quick Time Events (QTE). Over the coarse of the game you control 4 different characters as they attempt to discover who the Origami Killer is, and save his latest victim. If one of the characters dies during the game they remain dead for the remainder of the game unless you reload the previous chapter to try and not get them killed. The action sequences are exciting as you try to keep the character alive during a fight or while driving a car into oncoming traffic.

The manga I got this week was Trigun Maximum vol 2, Yotsuba&! vol 2 and 3, and Negima! vol 25 .



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