Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DVD's and Shirts

Some stuff I ordered recently came in today. Got these Shuffle! DVD's from Right Stuf for 6.00 each. I only bought 1-5 because I had already bought volume 6+Artbox when it originally came out.

Also got these two shirts in from the Megatokyo Megagear Store. The first shirt has a print of their .N1T3Z poster, and the second reads "Everything I know about life I learned from shoujo manga."

Last Target had these ALF 2-packs on sale for 12.99 each. So I was able to get the entire series for just 25.98

Opening to the Shuffle! visual novel which is available in English at Mangagamer


1 comment:

ziroc said...

I have been meaning to pick up the Megatokyo shirt for awhile, a year of 2 ago i picked up the poster with Fred's autograph.


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