Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ronin Japanese Restaurant

Went to a new Japanese restaurant that opened out by the mall in the building that used to be R.J. Gator's. The name of the restaurant is Ronin. It has both a Hibachi grill and a sushi bar. I ate at the sushi bar, and the meal was really good.

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I bought a lobster and filet mignone combo plate, which came with soup and salad. I ordered a similar meal at the Tokyo Steak House in West Monroe. Ronin's serving of soup and salad were much larger than Tokyo Steak House. Both soup and salad were really good.

I had the filet cooked medium, and it was extremely tender. It was very good by itself and did not need any of the sauce they served on the side for it. The lobster was also perfectly cooked, and while good by itself was even better with the sauce. The fried rice was great as well.

From their sushi menu I ordered eel, yellowtail, and king crab. The king crab wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Possibly because it had been frozen and tasted somewhat watery from being only partially thawed. The eel and yellowtail were delicious though.

There are 4 Japanese Restaurants in the Monroe/West Monroe area that I know of, and I've eaten at all at least once. In my opinion Ronin is tops. In terms of entree's I'd probably rank Tokyo Steak House 2nd, Kyoto 3rd, and Samurai 4th.

In terms of sushi the ranking would be Ronin, and Samurai tied for 1st, Eastern Empire Buffet 2nd. I haven't had the Sushi at Tokyo Steak House so I'll rank it 3rd, and Kyoto dead last. I threw Eastern Empire in the rankings for Sushi because even though they are a buffet their sushi was far superior to what I had at Kyoto.

Anyone else in this area eaten at any of these places? What was your opinion of them?

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