Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fate/Unlimited Codes Available on PSN

Fate/Unlimited Codes was released for the PSP this week. The game is available for download from the Playstation Network for $29.99. Been looking forward to this release, and I'm broke. I'll have to wait until next Friday to get it. Anyone purchased it yet? What do you think of the game?


ziroc said...

I want to buy it too, but like you i am broke. I'm gonna try to buy it next week, i could of got it today if i didn't buy Mana Khemia 2.

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ziroc said...

Never heard of Mana Khemia is a pretty good game?

ziroc said...

It's your typical rpg, it's suppose to be the 4ht or 5th in the Atleier Iris series but since i never played those i can't say. The main focus is Alchemy, you build new weapons and upgrade old. There are 2 on the PS2 and 1 on the PSP which is just a post of the Mana Khemia with some new dungeons.

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