Friday, July 10, 2009

Shuffle! Release Date Announced

Mangagamer has posted the release date for their translation of Shuffle!. It will be released Aug. 15 and cost 49.99 Euros, or about $70.00 US.

And in other Shuffle! news has posted a message from Heklin regarding the fan translation of Shuffle!. In the letter he says he was in jail here in the US and the PC with the translation on it was at his home in Japan. But know that he's out and off probation he plans to start work on the translation again for the sake of people who may have bought the Japanese version of Shuffle! expecting a fan translation to be released. He also plans to continue work on Tick! Tack!, and Really! Really!.

Image from Anime Wallpapers


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ziroc said...

start the countdown!!

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