Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shana Season 3 and OVA Announced

It has been announced that the anime series "Shakugan no Shana" will continue with a OVA followed by a 3rd season. "Shana" is about a girl named Shana who fights Denizen's of the Crimson Realm. During one such battle a boy named Yuji is killed, but because his body contains a special treasure he does not disappear from the world like others who are killed by Denizens. Shana decides to protect Yuji because she knows the Denizens will try and take the treasure from him and use it to further their evil goals. Spending time Yuji though begins to unlock feelings within Shana she is not familiar with, having been raised from a young age solely to fight Denizens.

I only recently watched season 1 of "Shana" and am glad they plan on giving the series a conclusion, and not leaving it open as some shows do when the manga continues on past where the anime ended.

Nakayama Nobuhiro says about the upcoming OVA and 3rd season in the current issue of Animedia.

We launched “Shana Project” with a view to ending the Shana anime series. Before moving on to the third season, we need to describe the backgrounds and the relationships between the characters more in detail. So the project began with the OVA series.

Source Just Moe
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