Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters The Video Game came out Tuesday, and I picked up my pre-ordered copy from Gamestop for the PS3. Also stopped by Best Buy and noticed they had a copy of Infinite Undiscovery, which I had a rain check for 9.99 when Best Buy ran it's 9.99 game sale awhile back.

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Also got this free Ghostbusters T-shirt because I had pre-ordered the game.

Ghostbusters' is a pretty fun game. But it does have some issues. A couple of the boss fights it is impossible to avoid being hit, especially the fight with The Gray Lady (Librarian, Ghostbusters 1). The story for the game was awesome, and with a little tweaking could of been used as a script for a Chostbusters 3 movie. The online portion of the game is also fun to play. You can play 2-4 people in different co-op challenges such as Survival (stop 10 waves of ghosts/monsters), Containment (Trap as many ghosts as you can within the time limit), Destruction (Destroy as many ghost summoning artifacts as possible within the time limit), Protection (Protect 3 PKE Disruptors as they are being built), Thief (Protect 4 artifacts from being stolen by ghosts), and the only competitive mod Slime Dunk (Compete against other players to see who can dunk the most ghosts into a big trap). If you want to play online sometime my PSN ID is Ziroc.

Only played a little of Infinite Undiscovery so far, but I can say this about it. The combat system sucks, but it does seem to have an interesting story. And it was only 9.99.

And to top off this weeks purchases, the Karen Onodera figure I ordered from Hobby Link Japan's Anniversary sale came in yesterday. Will post more pictures once I have a chance to take them.


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