Monday, June 29, 2009

New Figure Loot Karen Onodera

Karen Onodera

Picked this up during HLJ's Anniversary Sale Part 2 which has now ended. Karen actually came in about a week ago, but I wanted to wait until I bought some lamps before doing a photoshot of her. Karen Onodera is from Please Twins!, and this particular figure was made by Wave.

More photos after the jump...

My lighting set up
This is a photo of my lighting set up. I based it off a guide to cheap lighting on Happy Soda. I bought two lamps, both about 10.00 each. I didn't really have a good place to set up the lamps like in Happy Soda's guide, but I improvised a bit. One lamp I set on a box, and instead of using a box with a piece of paper taped over it as a diffuser I just taped a piece a paper over the arm rest of my desk chair. The lamp hanging over my chair has a clip stand, and to make the light point straight down toward the figure I clipped the box it came in to it and put a weight in it to hold the lamp where I wanted it. I used a .50 cent piece of red poster board for the background and a another piece of white poster board as a reflector by hanging it over the other arm of the chair.

I think these pictures are better than previous photo shoots that I've done. I was even able to take close up shots without the picture coming out real grainy and out of focus. If anyone has any tips on how to get some better pictures, please feel free to comment on my set up. Here is a link to the camera I use.

Now back to the figure photos.

Karen Onodera
Karen's another figure that's been on my want list for awhile now. It's always fun when you can find a figure you've been wanting for 50% off.

Karen Onodera

Karen Onodera
The detailing on the skirt is very nice. The creases and pleats making it look like an actual cloth skirt being hiked up. Detailing underneath isn't to bad either. They actually added a belly button in case anyone was looking from a lower angle. But none of us would do that right?

Karen Onodera
Here you can see one thing I don't like about this figure. If you look to the right at the bit of hair painted on between her eye and ear. It just looks kind of flat and two dimensional compared to the rest of her hair. It could just be me though.

Karen Onodera
The uniform really looks like it's moving with her. Although, I just noticed if you tilt the figure and look at where the shirt meets the skirt, the shirt actually sticks out quit a bit. Essentially making her upper torso wider than her lower.

This is a quick photo I just took to try and show what I was talking about above. I know it's real fuzzy, but if you look at her shirt you can see it sticks out considerably past where her skirt meets it. I know why they did it as it adds to the illusion of her shirt bunching up from leaning over and hiking up her skirt. And you don't really notice it, unless your a perv trying to look at her belly button. Of coarse, I was looking at her belly button when I noticed.

Although the sale is over you can still get Karen at HLJ. Karen is also still in stock at Kid Nemo

You can see some more photos of Karen at my Flickr page.


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