Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sony announces new Everquest and Everquest 2 expansions.

Sony issued press releases for both Everquest and Everquest 2 this week detailing the new expansions for both games. Everquests new expansion will be titled Prophecy of Ro, while Everquests 2 will be called Kingdom of Sky.

About Kingdom of Sky
High above the mightiest peaks of Norrath, a secret world exists. This Overrealm, made up of enormous islands of land suspended in the air, is home to aviaks and creatures never-before seen, but it is the splintered and warring dragons who rule it. Driven by their lust for power, religious zealotry, and all-consuming rage, the most ancient of the world’s creatures now find common cause in a plot to destroy all of Norrath! Populated by dragons, aviaks, and other new creatures never before seen in EverQuest II, all eyes turn toward this new realm — even those of the mighty dragon Lord Nagafen!


* Higher level advancement—now reach level 70 as an adventurer or artisan
* All-new Achievement system to further enhance and specialize your character’s abilities
* Guild advancement expanded to level 50
* Four new arena champions and two new arenas
* All new Heritage Quests allow players to gain amazingly powerful items, personal status, adventure experience and even a reward made famous in the original EverQuest
* Signature Quests which reward large experience bonuses, personal status, new items, and advance the lore of EverQuest II
* Over 30 new Collections expand upon one of the most popular features exclusive to EverQuest II. Find them all and earn all new rewards
* Challenging new zones, from floating islands to menacing dungeons
* 25 new enemies to fight
* Brand new pieces of armor, such as Profession Hats, Helmets and Pauldrons, will make your character look more distinct
* Over 30 new items to put in your player house
* All new player titles

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Sony EQ2 Press Release

About EverQuest Prophecy of Ro
The gods have returned and the mortal realm shifts with their influence. But a new presence walks among the gods, a malevolent force released into godhood by the follies of mortals. Unbound by the laws of the pantheon, it leaves corruption in its wake and threatens to bring the entire pantheon crumbling down. The only hope for Norrath hangs on the very mortals who have unleashed this upheaval. EverQuest Prophecy of Ro includes the following features:

* Player-set Traps: Control your battles before they even begin by deceiving your opponents with a new arsenal of player-set traps!
* Spheres of Influence: Transform the world of Norrath by creating magical spheres of influence to thwart your enemies or aid your allies. These artifacts will create a localized area where the rules of the game can change.
* Destructible Objects: Interact with and destroy pieces of the game world leading to a new level of interactivity within the game. Chop down doors, tumble walls, and destroy encampments!
* Buff Filters: Decide which buffs you would rather auto-decline with the new buff filtering system!
* 8 New Bank Spaces
* New Missions: Battle your way through over 30 new missions.
* New Creatures, New Environments and New Encounters: More than 25 unique creatures, 7 Zones, and 6 Small Instances.
* New Spells, Tasks, Disciplines and Trade skills

Sony EQ Press Release


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