Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Games and Manga

Went to Shreveport to help a friend out today, and stopped by a couple of the game stores over there before heading home. Picked up Resistance Fall of Man and Kameo at a used game store there, and 999 (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), and Disgaea Infinite at Gamestop. Also stoped by Books a Million to pick up Higurashi: Beyond Midnight Arc volume 1.

And for those of you not familiar with 999, but enjoy visual novels. 999 is a visual novel for the Nintendo DS by Aksys Games. It combines visual novel elements with puzzles. The story is about 9 people who are kidnapped, placed on a sinking boat, and given 9 hours to to get past 9 doors before they all drown. So it kind of has a Saw kind of story.

This new game in the Disgaea series is also a visual novel, but unlike 999 is fully voiced. You play the role of a Prinny that gets blamed for the attempted assassination of Overlord Laharl, and thus had your salary reduced to 0. But with the help of a found pocket watch that can send you back in time you can try and keep Laharl from being blown up. There is just one catch in the past your a ghost, but you can possess people and view the story from different angles to find the culprit. At certain points you can even use Mind Control to alter what a character was going to say, thus changing the outcome.


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