Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake

Last week I bought Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake. However I did not get to play them for long. After getting home with the games, I played through the first episode of Alan Wake. It's a very creepy game, and had me looking over my shoulder when going to kitchen to get some water before bed. The game is designed as if it is a TV series about a writer named Alan Wake. While on vacation with his wife to help get him over writers block his wife disappears and he begins to find pages of a manuscript with his name on it but he doesn't remember writing. He's also being attacked by townspeople cover in shadows which can only be stopped by shining light on them to dissipate the shadows. Because of the games design each episode, beside EP1, starts with a "Previously on Alan Wake" segment refreshing viewe.....I mean gamers on what happened during the previous episode. If you like scary games then you'll probably like this one.

Now for Red Dead Redemption, and why I wasn't able to play either game for long. Red Dead is basically a Grand Theft Auto game set in the old west, so if you like the GTA series you'll probably like this game as well. From what I played the voice acting was top notch, and you really got that feel as if you were watching a western during the cut scenes. And I personally think the smaller towns, and fewer people gave the world a more "lived in" look than the GTA games.

But unfortunately I only got about 5 missions into the game when disaster struck. Twice during the game I had my XBox lock up. I did a search to see if this was a known issue with the game and found some posts on various site of people having the same problem with lock up. I even saw posts from people with the PS3 version saying their PS3 would lock up when playing. So I emailed Rockstar' Red Dead support to let them know of my problem. Since I didn't see tons of people with the lock up issue I decided I would take my copy back for a new one in case it was a issue with some of the discs. Got home that night and was going to play Left 4 Dead 2 with some friends. Logged into a game with one guy while waiting for the other guy to get online when that game locked up. This time however the console did not come back on after restarting it. Instead I got the 3 flashing red lights error, which thankfully is a condition still covered by the warranty.

So now I sit and wait while Microsoft fixes my XBox and ships it back to me. Guess I'll just have to settle with the Red Dead Redemption short film which airs tonight on Fox.



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