Sunday, November 15, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Picked up Modern Warefare 2 last week. I got the Prestige Edition which comes with night vision goggles.

The goggles have two settings. One illuminates up to 50 feet in front of you, but uses these bright red LEDs on the front. The other setting is a stealth mode which doesn't illuminate very far in front of you, but doesn't use visible light so if your standing in the dark no one will see you.

The Prestige Edition also comes with the Hardened Edition of the game, which comes with an art book. And I'm not sure if this was exclusive to the Hardened Edition or not, but it also came with a code to download the original Call of Duty on XBox Live.

The game is pretty fun skipping between different characters in order to tell the story from different perspectives. I've played online vs mode a bit, but haven't gotten around to trying the co-op Spec Ops mode.



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