Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dark Knight and Eroge

Bought The Dark Knight on Blu-ray the other day. It's actually my first Blu-ray movie since I got a PS3. Since I don't have a HD TV I still buy DVD's since they are cheaper. But Best Buy had a collectors set that came with a Batpod statue.

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The backdrop is actually the Disc case, which is pretty cool. Also picked up the Lucky Star Vol 4 Collectors box while I was at Best Buy. This one came with a girl's summer uniform print T-shirt, and Miyuki character CD.

I took advantage of J-list's Year Dating Sim sale this month to pick up some older Peach Princess, and G-Collection titles that are about to go out of print and take advantage of the free Hirameki games which are also out of print since Hirameki went under.

Gibo, Chain, Private Nurse, Critical Point, Little My Maid, Sensei 2, and I'm Gonna Serve You 4 are all going out of print and will be download only from now on. Since, I prefer having the actual disc over downloads, I decided to get them since they were $5.00 and got a few free games to boot.


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