Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Sales

Black Friday is only a couple days away, so I decided to point out some anime, and otaku related sales. First off J-list is having a year end sale on their dating sims. All their games $5.00 off and for ever 2 you buy you get 1 free Hirameki title. The free game is random unless you specify which game you want in the comments box when ordering provided they still have that particular game in stock.

J-List Year End Sale!

Next Right Stuf has almost everything on their site on sale for 30% off. Only Bargain Bin, Weekly Special and Closeout items are not eligible for this sale. Sale ends Dec 7th.

Animenation has all their anime related merchandise (bags, jewelry, patches, etc) on sale 25% off. They are also having a Black Friday Weekend Sale on various merchandise.

Stocking Stuffer - 25% off

Black Friday Weekend Sale - DVD

Black Friday Weekend Sale - T-Shirts

Black Friday Weekend Sale - Books and Manga

Black Friday Weekend Sale - CDs

Black Friday Weekend Sale - Hentai 18+

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