Thursday, September 07, 2006

I just finished playing a game called Ever 17. This is a type of game usually refered to as a dating sim game, but Ever 17 is much more than that. Instead of calling it a dating sim, I think calling it a Science Fiction Choose Your Own Adventure might be more appropriate. While the endings for the game center on the female cast, getting the girl is not the main point to the game.

At first glance it seems that for each ending you are playing through the same scenario just making different choices to see different endings. But the more you play the more the more you begin to realize there is something bigger going on, and that there is a connection to the various paths and endings ultimatly tie into each other.

The plot of the game is this. On May 1st 2017 an underwater amusement park known as LeMU has an accident that floods the first floor and most of the second and third floors of the park. Six people are trapped inside of LeMU and learn they only have 5-7 days to be rescued or find a way to escape the underwater park before the water pressure outside the park causes it to implode.

The game begins with an introductory seqment where they introduce the main characters, Takeshi, Tsugumi, Sara, Coco, Sora, Yubiseiharukan (who goes by You for short), and a young boy with amnesia who everyone just calls "Kid". Once the park begins to flood you are given an unassuming choice which then determines who you will play during the rest of the game, either Takeshi or the Kid, the only two male characters in the game.

As Takeshi you are trapped with Sora, Tsugumi, You, the Kid, and Coco. As the Kid you are trapped with Sora, Tsugumi, You, Takeshi, and Sara. This is the first major mystery of the game. Why is Coco only present during the Takeshi part of the game, and Sara is only present during Kids part of the game, and how come Kid keeps seeing Coco but no one else trapped with him can. This is just one of the mystries that will confront you. The only way to learn the answers to just exactly is going on is to play through the game multiple times. In fact it takes a minimum of 5 times if you get the good endings each time you play. But the story is very engaging and you will actually want to play through untill the very end. To help the game that has a featur e to skip any text you have already read and will fast foward at the hit of a button untill you reach a choice or text which hasnt been read yet. It also features a shortcut option you can use to skip to certain days in the story, May 1st-7th.

If you like these types of games or intrested in trying one out, I highly recommend Ever 17. You can read more about and order it at this link JAST USA. Ever 17 is rated T for Teen.

Coco and her dog Pipi

Sora gets angry, but why?

You attempts to beat the control room into submission :)

Tsugumi saves Sara when one of LeMU's rooms flood


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