Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Release for the PS3 could be delayed. In an article on CNN yesterday a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment said they are still shooting for a Spring 2006 release, but that they are still waiting on final specifications for some of the technology that will be included in the PS3

"We're aiming for spring, but we haven't announced specific regions,"

The article also stated that the initial production cost for the PS3 could be as high as 900.00 per unit. Tradtionally gaming hardware has always cost more to produce than
it retailed for with the manufactures making up the lose on software sales. For example Microsoft loses aprox 100-150 dollars for every XBox 360 it sells. But with a production cost of 900.00 per unit this could put the Playstation 3 in the 500-600 dollar price range for retail.

Please visit CNN for the entire article


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