Sunday, December 18, 2005

King Kong

This movie rocked. Peter Jackson has done it again, bringing Kong to life in a very believable way. Now some people have complained that he took to long getting to Kong, and spent to much time on the boat getting to the island. Personally I enjoyed this part of the movie, just as much as the rest of it. This movie is definatly on my must see list.

Also if your into video games I suggest you check out Peter Jackson's King Kong, for what ever system you happen to own. This is one of the best movie licensed games out there, but considering most of the Lord of the Rings games were hits this shouldnt come as a surprise. The game was developed by the same team who did Beyond Good and Evil.

The game allows you to play both as Jack Driscoll, in a first person view, and as Kong, in a 3rd person view. As Driscoll you have limited resources, of having to resort to using spears, or bones to take down killable creatures, and using insects to distract creatures you cant kill long enough for you to get past them. The game also takes a slightly different path than the movie does, so its not just a scene by scene rehash of the film. Check it out if you get the chance.


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