Monday, June 01, 2009

Asa Shigure Photo Shoot

Asa Shigure
Got Kotobukiya's Asa Shigure in a couple days ago. Bought it from Hobby Link Japan as part of their 1 year anniversary sale. Was able to get her for 4,080 yen (approx. $42), normal price is 6,800 yen (approx $70)

Asa Shigure
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Asa Shigure
This is another figure that's been on my want list since she was released. I just couldn't resist the chance to get her at nearly 50% off. They also just added some new figures to their sale today, and I'll have another new figure coming in the next couple weeks.

Asa Shigure

Asa Shigure
I don't have any lamps at the moment to use for photo shoots, but I tried some different things with my camera's flash and the light from my TV and monitor to try and reduce shadows some.

Asa Shigure

Asa Shigure
Cute striped pantsu.

Asa Shigure
Oops. Doesn't seem Asa realized anyone was watching her.

You can view some more of my photos of Asa at my Flickr page


Unknown said...

This is such a cute figure! I love green hair so much~ (too bad I only have one green-haired figure...)

TheLastGameMaster said...

Which green haired figure is that?

Ashlotte said...

Those last couple pictures due to the pose, lighting, and slight grain make them look like Voyeur pictures or something...Pretty interesting. :p

Phossil said...

I was thinking in buying her too in HLJ sale..


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